Celebrating 50 Years of Service!
Celebrating 50 Years of Service!

Pav's Creamery's Adult Shakes

* Must be 21 or older to order or consume adult shakes. Shake must be consumed on premises can not be taken outside.

Available at Green, Canton, and Cuyahoga Falls Locations

Summer Adult Drink Menu

The French Connection

Vanilla Kustard, crushed raspberries, and pineapple blended together with Chambord and Vodka.

Topped with Whipped Cream and Red Raspberries.

Strawberry Mimosa

Taking our Champagne Sorbet and blending it with Strawberries and Vodka.

Whipped Cream and Strawberry sprinkles completed this delicious summer time dessert.

Sweet Dreamsicle

Our Sweet Dreamsicle Shake consists of Vanilla Custard & Cointreau Liqueur.

Blended perfectly together before topping it off with Whipped Cream and Creamsicle.

Peanut Butter Oreo Mudslide

Pav's Peanut Butter Oreo Mudslide consists of Peanut Butter, Vanilla Kustard layered with more Peanut Butter, Crushed Oreos, Vodka, Irish Cream & Kahlúa.

Completed with whipped cream and more Oreos.

Monkey Business Pav's Creamery

Monkey Business adult shake is made of homemade Vanilla Kustard blended with Malt, crushed Reese's Cups, 99 Banana’s and Captain Morgans Spiced Rum.

Add a Banana, some whipped cream and some extra Reese Cups and you're in buinsess.

Almond Joy

Talking our Nuts Over Coconut Ice Cream and blending it with Chocolate syrup, Coconut Rum and Amaretto.

Topped with Whipped Cream, Shredded Coconut, Dark Chocolate Flakes and Salted Almonds.

Johnny Jam Boogie

J.J.B. consists of vanilla custard blended with caramel sauce, crushed snickers, vodka and bourbon cream.

Topped of course with whipped cream and more Snickers.

Pav's Creamery Green

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Pav's Portage Lakes

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Pav's Cuyahoga Falls

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