Pav's Creamery's Adult Shakes

Fat Elvis

New Adult Shake Alert. Introducing the "Fat Elvis". Chocolate kustard blended with peanut butter, banana, hot fudge, Rum Chata, & Jack Daniels Honey. Topped with whipped cream and bacon bits. Only available at Pav's Creamery in Green

Johnny Jam Boogie Shake
Bad Apple Shake
The French Connection

Vanilla kustard blended with Chambord, Vodka, crushed raspberries and pineapple.

Almond Joy Shake

Nuts Over Coconut ice cream mixed with Coconut Rum and Amaretto. Completed with chocolate syurp shredded coconut and chocolate flakes.

Strawberry Mimosas

Champagne Sorbet blended strawberry vodka with strawberries.

Christmas and Cream Shake

Vanilla Kustard mixed with Peppermint Oereo's, White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's along with Godiva White Choc Liquor and Rumple Minze

Spiked Egg Nogg Shake

Vanilla Kustard Mixed with Hartzler Family Dairy Egg Nogg and Maker's Mark

Peanut Butter Oreo
Cherry Whiskey Pie

The Drunken Monkey

Vanilla Kustard blended with Reese's Cup, Bannas, Malt, Hazelnut Liquor and Vodka

Rich Life Shake

Chocolate Kustard mixed with Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Irish Cream and Frangelico. Topped with Ferrero Rochers.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbon Beacon Shake

Vanilla Custard Blended with Chcolate, Peanut Butter, Makers Mark, Malt and Chocolate Covered Bacon

Sweet Dreamsicle Shake

Orange Dreamsicle Kustard mixed with Cointreau and Vodka. Topped with a frozen Dreamsicle and whipped cream.