About Pav's Creamery

Bill and Claire Micochero

Pav's Creamery has been making homemade Kustard, Hard Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbets in Akron for over 45 years. Founded in Portage Lakes Ohio, Pav’s Creamery was originally built as a Tasty Freeze in the early 1950’s. Mr. Robert Pavlik (a.k.a. Pav) later purchased the creamery 1969 and decided to change the name over to his childhood nickname, "Pav’s".

Pav's back in 1979

In 1978 Bill and Claire Micochero purchased Pav's from Mr. Pavlik. In 1994, their daughter Michelle purchased the creamery from her parents and to this day it is still owned and operated by her.

Pav's prides itself on making delicious, homemade artisan ice cream in small batches form. For over 45 years, Pav's has mastered recipes to create a rich, flavorsome style of ice cream that's taste is unmatched.

Michelle Micochero, daughter Ashley and manager Maggie.

In 2011, Michelle's son and daughter-in-law (Nik & Melody Pappas) came into the family business and created a retail and wholesale division that supplies Pav's products to various wholesale distributors, restaurants, super-markets and retail shops over a 5-state region.

In 2014 the business took a step further in development by opening another location in Green. Unlike its Portage Lakes location, Pav's Creamery in Green is opened year round and is equipped with interior and exterior seating.

Additional Pav's locations are schedule to open in North Canton (2017), Cuyahoga Falls (2018) and in Canton (2019).