Weekly Flavor List 2016
Jan 2nd to Jan 8th (Green Only)Hazelnut Cappuccino
Jan 9th to Jan 15th (Green Only)Carrot Cake
Jan 16th to Jan 22nd (Green Only)Black Cherry / Black Cherry Cheese Cake
Jan 23rd to Jan 29th (Green Only)Salted Caramel Brownie
Jan 30th to Feb 5th (Green Only)English Toffee
Feb 6th to Feb 12th (Green Only)Caramel Chocolate Pecan
Feb 13th to Feb 19th (Green Only)Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Feb 20th to Feb 26th (Green Only)Baklava
Feb 27th to March 5thBanana / Banana Cream Pie
March 6th to March 12thButter Pecan
March 13th to March 19thChocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel
March 20th to March 26thPistachio
March 27th to April 2ndSalted Caramel Truffle
April 3rd to April 9thBlack Raspberry / Double Dark Rasp
April 10th to April 15 (Closed Easter)Peanut Butter Brownie / Peanut Butter
April 17th to April 23rdPineapple Cake / Birthday Cake
April 24th to April 30thGooey Chocolate Brownie
May 1st to May 7thNuts Over Coconut / Coconut
May 8th to May 14thGerman Chocolate Cake
May 15th to May 21stPeanut Butter Oreo
May 22nd to May 29th (Memorial Weekend)Key Lime Pie
May 30th to June 4thBlueberry
June 5th to June 11thLemon / Lemon Raspberry
June 12th to June 18thKahlua / Coffee Toffee
June 19th to June 25thStrawberry
June 26th to July 2ndNY Cheesecake / Raspberry Cheesecake
July 3rd to July 9thPistachio
July 1th to July 16thDeath By Chocolate
July 17th to July 23rdButter Pecan
July 24th to July 30thBanana / Banana Cream Pie
July 31st to August 6thBlack Cherry / Black Cherry Cheese Cake
August 7th to August 13thPineapple Cake / Birthday Cake
August 14th to August 20thBlack Raspberry / Double Dark Rasp
August 21st to August 27thPeach / Peach Berry Cobbler
August 28th to Sept 4thCaramel Chocolate Pecan
Sept 5th to Sept 10thPeanut Butter Brownie / Peanut Butter
Sept 11th to Sept 17thNuts Over Coconut / Coconut
Sept 18th to Sept 24thChocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Sept 25th to Oct 1stHazelnut Cappuccino
Oct 2nd to Oct 8thChocolate Cake
Oct 9th to Oct 15thBlack Forrest Cheesecake
Oct 16th Oct 22ndButter Pecan
Oct 23rd Oct 29thDeath By Chocolate
Oct 30th to Nov 5thPumpkin Pecan Pie / Pumpkin
Nov 6th to Nov 12th (Green Only)Kahlua / Coffee Toffee
Nov 13th to Nov 19th (Green Only)Mint Chocolate Chip
Nov 20th to Nov 26th (Green Only)Apple Cobbler
Nov 27th to Dec 3rd (Green Only)Nutella S'Mores
Dec 4th to Dec 10th (Green Only)Dark Chocolate Peppermint
Dec 11th to Dec 17th (Green Only)Christmas Ginger Cookie
Dec 18th Dec 24th (Green Only)Christmas and Cream
Dec 26th to Dec 31st (Green Only)Hot Chocolate

Flavors run from Monday to Sunday each week. Subject to change without notice. Pav's does not guarantee availability per flavor.

*Closed on Easter / Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Years